How to Choose an Infant Formula

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This is where you will find the 9 articles that I wrote for the series: How to Choose an Infant Formula.   This is a lot of information that every parent deserves to have!  I hope you find it helpful and it provides peace of mind that you are giving your little one the very best.

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Article 1 – An infant’s diet is monotonous

Article 2 – Formula is our best attempt at a breast milk substitute

Article 3 – Federal Regulation of Infant Formula

Article 4 – Protein! (The Basics)

Article 5 – Protein! (Hydro-What?!)

Article 6 – The rest of the goodies – Carbs, Fat, Vitamins & Minerals

Article 7 – Extra Additives

Article 8 – Specialty formulas – for whatever ails baby

Article 9 – Shopping